Botox bolsters confidence

My name is Michael Aboagye I have been in the medical field for over a decade. First as an ER nurse, then as a critical care nurse and now as a Nurse Practitioner.  I currently work as a hospitalist at a busy community hospital.

I am a father to 3 adorable children. There is so much I love about each of them. Like so many of us, no matter how much we try no one is a perfect. Parenting isn't any different. We all make mistakes and that is ok.  So, we keep on trying. What I absolutely love most, are the memories made from our time spent together.  A wondrous adventure, from my humble beginnings growing up in a small town in West Africa, Ghana. The greatest joy in life sees happiness in the eyes of your near and dear ones.

I am certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). I am also an associate member of American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE). I completed my aesthetic training with AAFE - the leaders in both facial esthetics and facial pain treatment training. I completed my undergraduate degree at St. Joseph's College, Patchogue and completed my advanced practice degree at Purdue University. My practice is True North Aesthetics. A Concierge med spa located in Deer Park.

My professional philosophy focuses on the use of realistic objectives to help a client’s perspective on what it means to attain a positive self-image and optimal well-being. Published studies shows that a healthy self-image fosters confidence, good health behaviors, and personal fulfillment. My overall goal and mission of true north aesthetics is to assist our clients as they put their best self-first by strengthening self-confidence and fostering healthy behaviors that become one’s way of life.

Most of us are familiar with the saying “when you look good, you feel good.” Cosmetic aesthetics bolsters confidence. A healthy view on one’s self-image is a major contributor to a healthy lifestyle. Playing a small role in helping people feel better has been quite fulfilling.

I can still remember the day a friend told me about Botox and almost immediately I was hooked. Firstly, the exactness of the pharmacokinetics of Botox was intriguing to my nerdy science brain. Then there’s the precision art associated with attaining a more aesthetically pleasing feature. Enhancing your looks just enough, still you, with fewer lines. The art and science of cosmetic aesthetic has been my passion for the past two years and a half. As I continue to grow both professionally and personally it is my hope that my clients continue to benefit from all my experiences.

Always smile, laugh, and have fun!

Client Experience



"Michael is truly amazing at his work! I walked out of his office feeling confident and like a million bucks!!!"


"Dr. Michael is very professional and his prices are the best anywhere."


"Dr. Michael is the best! Super thorough with everything and makes you feel so comfortable! I recommend him to everyone!"


"Very friendly, all-around exceptional service and best prices!"


"Michael is gentle, and he is so patient with all of his clients. My friends and I love him!"